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Nahanni National Park Reserve of Canada


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Albert Faille Portage Trail
Albert Faille Portage Trail
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Nahanni National Park Reserve is acclaimed as Canada's premier wilderness river national park. Multi-day whitewater canoeing, kayaking and rafting trips are the park's most popular recreational offer, with trip options ranging from ten days to three weeks. Due to the high level of whitewater skill required, the use of licensed commercial outfitters is recommended for all but the most experienced of whitewater paddlers.

River trips offer scenic opportunities for enroute hiking. While there are no developed trails, route descriptions are available for a few of the more popular hikes.

Flight-seeing day trips are available by air charter to Virginia Falls. Day visitors to Virginia Falls can enjoy a picnic as well as a short walk to the viewpoint. A longer portage trail, of moderate difficulty, descends to the base of the falls. Allow two hours return for the hike.