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 Paddler scouting rapids
Scouting Crooked Canyon, Little Nahanni
© L.Uunila


If you love challenging river trips, Nááts'ihch'oh is the place for you. For expert whitewater paddlers, the South Nahanni River from Moose Ponds, the Broken Skull River, and the Little Nahanni River are trips of a lifetime. Guided trips are available on the South Nahanni River.

South Nahanni River from Moose Ponds

Little Nahanni River 

 Grizzly Bear Lake
Grizzly Bear Lake, looking towards the Backbone Ranges
© C. Bucher/ Parks Canada


Nááts'ihch'oh is a brand new national park, and we are still scouting hiking routes.

For off-trail adventurers, floatplanes can land at Grizzly Bear, Divide Lake, Margaret Lake, and Moose Ponds to give you access to the mountains. Contact us and an air charter service to help plan your trek. If you do go, we’d love to read your trip report. Your trek might become the next established route.

 Passengers disembark from float plane
Exploring Moose Ponds
© C. Bucher/ Parks Canada


Hop on a floatplane for a Mackenzie Mountains adventure. Take a tour to Moose Ponds, and picnic below Nááts'ihch'oh, the mountain. Bring an Aboriginal guide from Tulita or Norman Wells and immerse yourself in the Shútagot'ine (Mountain Dene) culture.

To plan your trip, please contact a charter airline.