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Aulavik National Park of Canada

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Launch of the book Lost Beneath the Ice

Lost Beneath the Ice, an awe-inspiring new book on the sensational story of the discovery of HMS Investigator.
Lost Beneath the Ice
Lost Beneath the Ice The Story of HMS Investigator
Text by Andrew Cohen
Images Selected by Parks Canada

In 1850, HMS Investigator was sent to search for the lost Franklin ships. They failed, becoming trapped in the ice, but completed Franklin's quest for the Northwest Passage. This book recounts the voyage and Parks Canada's discovery of the wreck.

A compelling story of the long-awaited find of HMS Investigator grounded on the sea floor of the icy waters of Banks Island, just outside Aulavik National Park.

The book offers a beautiful rendition of images of the crew from HMS Investigator with stunning photos of Parks Canada underwater archaeologists exploring the historic wreck. The text, by Andrew Cohen, tells the story of HMS Investigator and its significance to early arctic exploration – a unique account to be treasured by Canadians and shared the world over.