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Sable Island National Park Reserve

Visitor Information

Hiker looking over Sable Island dunes Hiker looking over Sable Island dunes
© Parks Canada

Sable Island National Park Reserve is a place to be awed by the power of nature. It is an extremely isolated location, and access to it is determined by constraints of weather and geography. Visitor experience opportunities are similar to other remote national parks in Canada, where there are few visitor facilities and the wilderness of the site constitutes an important feature of the experience.

As a visitor to Sable Island, you must be self-reliant and responsible for your own safety. You should be prepared for weather delays accessing or departing the island. Visitors are responsible to make their own transportation arrangements to Sable Island, and most visits are day trips. Visitors either arrive by air charter or come ashore from private vessels that are anchored offshore.

All visitors are required to register in advance of their trip. The visitor season for Sable Island National Park Reserve is June to the end of October.

The information in this section provides you with essential safety information and important guidelines for your visit. Parks Canada considers researchers, contractors, government employees, journalists and independent travelers to be visitors to Sable Island.