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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

Spring Access - Backcountry Camping

Water runs as snow melts at Kejimkujik
Spring time in the Kejimkujik backcountry
© Parks Canada/Éric Le Bel 

Twenty backcountry campsites, including three rustic cabins, will be available from April 1 until May 19, 2016. Jeremy’s Bay Campground, Jim Charles Point Group Campground and all backcountry sites open for the season on May 20th. This change will provide spring anglers and other visitors with greater opportunity to enjoy Kejimkujik’s excellent spring fishing and outdoor recreation.


The sites listed below will operate on a first-come, first-served self-registration system. A self-registration book will be set up outside the Visitor Centre. Camping permits must be completed on site, on the day of arrival. No advance reservations will be taken.
Payment of $24.50/campsite/night, $55.00/cabin/night will be collected via cash or credit card in a locked box. Once deposited, all permits are non-refundable.

There are three cabins listed below. However, as the system is first-come, first- served, visitors should come prepared to camp.


Backcountry campsites include:
- two tent pads
- firebox
- picnic table
- pit privy
- bear cables for hoisting food.

Cabins include:
- bunk beds with no mattresses
- table and chairs
- wood stove
- outdoor firebox
- pit privy

*Visitors should bring a portable stove for cooking, as there may not be wood available at the site.

Bundles of firewood will be available for purchase in front of the Visitor Centre for $7.50 per bundle (first-come, first-served). Proceeds from firewood sales go to Friends of Keji.

Road access

Jake's Landing and Big Dam Road are now open for the season. On the Eel Weir Road, the gate at Grafton Brook Gate is open; however, the gate remains closed at Eel Weir.

Visitor Safety

Facilities, roads and trails are not currently maintained. Parks Canada does not provide emergency services or safety patrols, and visitors must be self-sufficient in dealing with any emergency that may occur. The emergency contact number is 9-1-1. Please note, however, that cellular phone coverage may not be available.

Visitors are responsible for their own safety. Visitors should be aware of changeable weather conditions and winter hazards, and have adequate information and equipment to ensure a safe visit. Backcountry users should include a trip plan and emergency contact details on their camping permit.

Campsites available

Ten sites are accessible by hiking (boat/canoe not required).
All sites are accessible by water with indirect access from several of the walk-in sites.
Due to the first-come, first-served nature of the registration system, visitors should come prepared to camp at any of the sites, some of which may be at farther distances than expected.

Site # / Location

Walk-in A / Big Dam Lake
Walk-in B / Big Dam Lake
Walk-in C / Big Dam Lake
Walk-in D / Big Dam Lake
1 / Big Dam Lake
2 / Big Dam Lake
3 / Big Dam Lake
4 / Big Dam Lake
5 / Frozen Ocean
6 / Frozen Ocean
8 / Frozen Ocean with shelter
11 / Keji Lake with shelter
12 / Keji Lake
13 / Keji Lake
14 / Keji Lake
15 / Keji Lake
23 / Loon Lake with shelter 
W1 / Mason's Cabin Peskowesk Road
W2 / Wil-Bo-Wil Cabin Peskowesk Road/Lake
W3 / Rogers Cabin

Fishing Permits

The fishing season begins on April 1, 2016. Fishing permits are available at the Visitor Centre at Kejimkujik, The Wilder General Store (Maitland Bridge) and Milford House (Milford) as of May 20, 2016. Until then, permits can be purchased at the following locations:

-Lequille Country Store (Lequille, near Annapolis Royal)
-Macpherson’s Deli (Liverpool)
-Mary Lake Home Hardware (Caledonia)
-Stew’s Corner Convenience & Gas (Greenfield)
-The Trail Shop (Halifax)
-Woods Wise Outfitters (Oakhill, near Bridgewater)