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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada

Interpretation Activities


Interpreters are your Key to Kejimkujik

Kejimkujik Interpreters are passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for this spectacular place. Get swept away on one of the many adventures they have prepared for you. These programs are planned to appeal to visitors of all ages. Check the schedule posted in-park for program descriptions, times and locations.

Guided Canoe Paddles

Since the Mi’kmaq first paddled these waters thousands of years ago, canoeing has remained the vehicle of choice for travel through this landscape. Explore slow moving rivers and rock-studded lakes as we share the stories of the people, plants, and animals that call Kejimkujik home.

Guided Walks

Step into a world of wonder, full of the secrets and stories of Kejimkujik. Be prepared to encounter the unknown and to look at the familiar in a new way.

Petroglyph tours

Join a Mi’kmaw interpreter to discover one of North America’s largest collections of aboriginal rock art. Kejimkujik’s petroglyphs showcase a distinct style of rock carving and tell the story of the Mi’kmaq and their connection to this place.

Dark Sky Discovery

Experience one of the darkest and starriest skies in all of North America. Sit back and relax as night sky interpreters guide you through the constellations and captivate you with Mi’kmaw legends and stories from other cultures.

An Evening at the Amphitheatre

Finish your day with an entertaining and educational visit to the theatre nestled among the trees. From costumed characters to musicians, you never know who will take the could be you!

Guided Night Adventures

Interpreters will lead you down trails that you thought you knew and show you the Keji that exists when the lights go out.

Group Campfires

Our team of Campfire Hosts is taking an iconic camping experience to the next level. Join us at our Campfire Circle for an evening of songs, skits, and storytelling.

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