Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada

Interpretation Activities

You can enrich your experience at Kejimkujik by participating in interpretive events during your visit. Interpreters will share with you Kejimkujik's stories and nature's secrets on daily guided outings and evening programs from late June until Labour Day. These programs are planned to appeal to visitors of all ages.

Visitor Reception Centre

Make your first stop the Visitor Reception Centre, located on the main parkway one kilometre inside the park. Familiarize yourself with local plants and animals through the various interpretive displays, games, and pamphlets. Get a close-up look at fish, listen to bird songs, or test your skills assembling one of our wildlife puzzles. During your visit, you can watch a short audiovisual program, which will introduce many of Kejimkujik's special features.

Guided Walks

Explore a woodland trail with an Interpreter to see, first-hand, some of the special features of the Keji. Interpreters present leisurely walks, which vary from 1 to 1½ hours duration. You may learn about what makes each of Kejimkujik's forests special, take part in an investigation of the homes and habits of animals, or join an "old time" guide from the past who presents the flavour of the area's history.

As you travel along the trail, the Interpreter will relate stories of the plants and animals that make this place their home. These periodic stops will enable you to get a closer look at some of the many wonders of the natural world. Each walk may present the opportunity to see wildlife or to discover unusual plants.

Evening Programs

Each night at dark, when the lights at the outdoor theatre dim, Keji Interpreters will entertain you as they bring Kejimkujik to the big screen. With slides, props, drama, or comedy, Interpreters present a wide range of topics about Keji's natural and human history.

Perhaps you'll travel hundreds of years back in time to hear tales of the earlier inhabitants of this area, or even thousands of years to learn about the forces of nature that shaped the Kejimkujik landscape. Or, maybe you'll explore Keji through the eyes of one of its furry, scaly, or feathery residents should some costumed characters pay a visit to the theatre. The possibilities are endless, but each and every program is designed to stimulate the interest of visitors of all ages. So round up the family and join us each night at the outdoor theatre for 45 minutes of fun and learning!

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