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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site

A Dark Sky Preserve comes to life in Kejimkujik with stars, planets and cultural traditions

Visitors enjoying the night sky at Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site The Sky Circle is the perfect place to wonder at the stars
© Parks Canada

Kejimkujik invites you to experience the astronomical depth of its Dark Sky Preserve. Visit the Sky Circle and gaze at brilliant celestial bodies through an on-site telescope, binoculars, or with the naked eye.

Interpretation activities are offered at different times during the year. Be sure to consult the schedule before your visit!

Outdoor Amphitheatre shows ponder extraterrestrial life and interstellar phenomena alongside incredible imagery, music and stories. And night hikes and campfire programs examine how artificial light affects humans and wildlife, as well as the value of these Dark Sky Preserves.

Go deeper - discover how stars have inspired centuries of story, song and legend. And occasional night-time canoe excursions offer a truly magical night-sky perspective.

Welcome to Nova Scotia’s darkest sky - and brightest stars.

*NEW! Kejimkujik Dark Sky Kits!

Interested in the starry sky above? Designated as Dark Sky Preserve in 2010, Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site provides one of the best places in Nova Scotia to bask in the celestial wonder. Take advantage of meteor showers, the lunar eclipse or brush up on your constellations with our brand new self-discovery Dark Sky Kits

Rental cost: $5/day 

Seven kits available for rental

The dark sky kit includes:
- Binoculars (Celestron 8X42 mm)
- Star finder
- Red light
- Games for children
- Stargazing references

…all in one handy bag.

The dark sky kits are available throughout the season, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the dark skies outside regular Dark Sky programming. With binoculars, a star finder and games for the younger members of your family, you can spend your evenings at Keji exploring the stars, galaxies and constellations. Our eyes take quite a while to adjust to the darkness of the night sky, and, with any exposure to bright light, our acclimatization restarts. Our Dark Sky Kit includes a red light for just this purpose. Astronomers use a red light to read charts and maps at night – now you can too! The kit also includes binoculars designed specifically for stargazing. The opportunity for discovery is endless!