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Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site of Canada

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The Kejimkujik Southwest Nova Volunteer Program

The Kejimkujik Southwest Nova Volunteer Program is a group of organizations (including Parks Canada, Friends of Keji, Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute and Bird Studies Canada) and individuals working to help species at risk and enhance environmental conservation in and around Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site and Kejimkujik National Park - Seaside.

Stewards help to protect endangered Blanding’s turtle nests, survey the shoreline with botanists for rare Atlantic Coastal Plain Flora species, monitor changes in water quality, create habitat for the Monarch Butterfly, monitor and track brook trout, survey and participate in research for the endangered Piping Plover, search for Eastern Ribbonsnakes, count loons on lakes in southwest Nova Scotia, provide information to visitors in the Keji campground, help remove exotic species like glossy buckthorn and green crabs, and much more.

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers work directly with researchers and staff on a range of projects to restore, protect, monitor and conserve the greater Kejimkujik ecosystem. As a volunteer, you will gain a deeper connection to this extraordinary natural environment. At the same time, you’ll play a very important role in helping to preserve and protect the animals and plants that depend on healthy habitats to survive. >> Volunteer opportunities