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Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada

What species are at risk in northern Cape Breton?

The plants and animals of northern Cape Breton include a number of species at risk. Nine of these are now extinct or extirpated such as the woodland caribou. Population studies for some species at risk in the park have been or are being conducted. Many plant species, although not yet officially listed at risk are rare and probably at risk. As assessment of plant populations increases, it is likely that more species will be protected. See this table for a list of animals at risk in the park.

The spiky pink pussy willow-like flowers of bearberry willow seem to glow in the sunlight.
The bearberry willow is an extremely rare plant especially vulnerable to extirpation that may be found in the park.
© Cape Breton Highlands National Park / H. Hinds
Examples of species at risk in Cape Breton Highlands National Park
Group of animals Extinct / Extirpated Endangered Threatened Special Concern Data Deficient
American marten Harbour porpoise
Canada lynx
Little brown bat
Gaspé shrew
Fin whale
Blue whale
Humpback whale
Birds Great auk
Passenger pigeon
Labrador duck
Eskimo curlew
Piping plover
Harlequin duck
Bicknell's thrush Common loon
Common tern
Arctic tern
Atlantic puffin
Sharp-tailed sparrow
Northern goshawk
Short-eared owl
Long-eared owl
Amphibians / Reptiles   Leatherback turtle   Wood turtle  
Fish   Atlantic salmon
Atlantic sturgeon
Northern wolffish
Spotted wolffish
Atlantic cod
Pearl dace
Brook trout
Four-spine stickleback
Butterflies     Jutta Arctic Short-tailed swallowtail
Arctic fritillary
Satyr anglewing
Hoary comma
Dragonflies / Damselflies     Québec emerald Black meadow-hawk
Northern pygmy clubtail
Zigzag darner
Muskeg emerald
Ringed emerald
Sphagnum sprite
Amber-winged spreadwing Forcipate emerald
Clamp-tipped emerald
Williamson's emerald
Jane's meadow-hawk
Ruby meadow-hawk
Freshwater Molluscs     Yellow lampmussel Eastern pearlshell
Delicate lampmussel
Marine Molluscs Eelgrass limpet