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Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada

Four backpackers standing at the edge of a brook across from a rock face in Torngat Mountains National Park © Parks Canada


Satellite Phones

Carry a satellite phone and be familiar with its proper use. The Iridium satellite phones are the most reliable for use in the Torngat Mountains National Park area at the moment. Carrying a SPOT Satellite Messenger device is also recommended.

In an emergency, call:

  • 24 hour emergency number at Park Canada Emergency Dispatch: 1-877-852-3100 or 1-780-852-3100 (Note: the 1-877-852-3100 number may not work with satellite phones)
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachment in Nain, Labrador: 1-709-922-2862

Be prepared to tell the dispatcher:

  • The name of the park you are in
  • Your name and the names of others in your travel party
  • Your satellite phone number
  • The nature of the incident
  • Your location: name of area (e.g. Saglek Fjord), & latitude/longitude or UTM coordinates
  • Current weather conditions: wind, precipitation, cloud cover, temperature, & visibility

Polar & Black Bears

The chance of encountering a Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) or a Black Bear (Ursus americanus) is extremely high in the Torngat Mountains. It is safest to travel with an experienced Inuit polar bear guard who is permitted to carry a firearm in the park. Carry effective and approved bear deterrents (crackers, screamers, air horns, etc.) and know how to use them. A lightweight alarmed electric fence is recommended for enclosing your campsite at night.