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Torngat Mountains National Park of Canada

Lake bordered by mountains in Torngat Mountains National Park © Parks Canada


Planning Your Trip

  • Make early contact with Parks Canada staff to discuss your trip well in advance. Carefully review the visitor information and polar bear safety information and DVD provided by Parks Canada.
  • Understand where you are planning to go and the challenges associated with that particular route and area of the park.
  • Ensure you are properly provisioned and equipped for the trip with the knowledge, skills, and physical fitness required for the activities that you plan to undertake.


Visitors must register before entering and “de-register” upon leaving Torngat Mountains National Park. Contact or visit the park office in Nain, Labrador. De-registration can occur outside office hours by leaving a voicemail message or contacting the 24-hour Parks Canada Emergency Dispatch.

Phone: 1-709-922-1290
Fax: 1-709-922-1294
Emergency Dispatch: 1-877-852-3100 or 1-780-852-3100