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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Visitor Safety

  1. Wildlife & Driving
  2. Prevent Conflicts with Wildlife
  3. Bear Safety


  1. General Regulations
  2. Fire Regulations
  3. Charcoal BBQs
  4. Pets

Wildlife & Driving

Drive with care and be prepared to avoid a collision at all times while driving through the park. Be especially cautious at dusk and dawn, when animals are most active and visibility is poor.

If You See an Animal by the Road :

  • Slow down.
    It could run out into your path at any time
  • Warn other motorists by flashing your hazard lights
  • Where there is one animal, expect others nearby

If You Wish to Stop and View Roadside Wildlife:

  • Pull safely out of traffic
  • Remain in your vehicle
  • Move on after a few minutes

Prevent Conflicts with Wildlife

Wildlife may sometimes appear unconcerned by our presence, but all park animals are unpredictable and potentially dangerous. While visiting Canada's National Parks, please remember to respect wildlife by adhering to the following reminders:

Always Keep Your Distance
Do not approach or entice wildlife. Use binoculars or a telephoto lens instead.

  • Remain at least 100 meters (10 Bus Lengths) away from BEARS
  • Remain at least 30 meters (3 Bus Lengths) away from all other mammals

Never Leave Attractants out for Wildlife
Always keep a clean and tidy campsite.

Attractants include:

  • coolers
  • food scraps
  • dishwater
  • pet food dishes (empty or full)
  • cleaning products
  • any scented products: fly repellent, deodorant sprays, etc
  • dirty dishes, pots or barbecues
  • empty bottles, cans or wrappers
  • toothpaste, soap or other toiletries

Bear Safety

Wondering what you should do if you see a bear? Whether you are in a vehicle, camping, or hiking along a park trail, there are things you can do to reduce your risk of a surprise encounter with black bears. For more information, pick up a copy of the Bears and People pamphlet at any of our staffed facilities.

General Regulations

In our National Parks, you must:

Give Wildlife Space
It is against the law to touch, entice, disturb or otherwise harass any wild animals - big or small.

Keep Food Away From Wildlife
Feeding any park wildlife is prohibited. Always keep coolers stored in vehicles. Pick up litter and dispose of stored garbage in bear-proof bins.

Put Pets On A Leash
Unrestrained pets may harass wildlife,
provoke wildlife attacks and endanger people.

Leave It For Others To Enjoy
Whatever treasure you find - be it a rock, a flower, an antler or an historic artifact - it belongs where it is.

Disarm Firearms
Firearms must remain in your vehicle at all times, unloaded and in a case or wrapped and securely tied so that no part of the firearm is exposed.

Reduce Your Speed
The Trans Canada Highway (Route 1) travels 42 km through the park from its eastern entrance near Port Blandford to its western entrance near Traytown. Please obey posted speed limits: 90 km/hr (56 mph) and 15-60 km/hr on secondary roads, and watch for wildlife along park roads.

Help Protect People & The Park
Call 709-533-6090 if you see anyone violating park regulations. Please also report any bear, coyote or loon sightings or aggressive behaviour by any wildlife to the nearest Park Warden or Information Centre.

Fire Regulations

While visiting the park, campers are asked to know and obey the following fire regulations:

  • Fires are only permitted in designated fire pits
  • Fires are only permitted on sites at Malady Head Campground, and Minchin's and South Broad Cove primitive campsites
  • Use firewood only. Please leave dead wood and twigs undisturbed
  • Please report fires or suspicious smoke to park staff or call 709-533-6090

Fire Weather Index (FWI)

The FWI is posted daily. For your safety, please familiarize yourself with the chart below and be aware of the following restrictions: time restriction time restriction fires between 8am and 8pm
Extreme .....NO Fires, including cook shelters  

Charcoal Barbeques

Due to a history of improperly disposed charcoals, charcoal fuelled barbeques are prohibited in Newman Sound Campground. Safety is our number one priority.


Pets are welcome in the park but must be kept on a leash and supervised at all times. Owners must scoop and dispose of pet waste as required. Please Note: pets are not permitted on Sandy Pond beach and boardwalk.