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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Don't be a Bear Jammer

Don't Be a Bear Jammer!

Bear Jams are sticky situations. They occur when drivers see bears on the roadside and stop for a better look. Soon, other cars follow and before you know it, traffic is unable to pass. If you choose to stop to view wildlife along the highway, it is important to:

  • Ensure your vehicle is safely pulled on to the shoulder of the road and doesn't block traffic
  • Always stay in your vehicle
  • Never try to lure a bear closer for a photograph or to feed it

Remember, "problem" bears are created by people. Bears are always on the lookout for an easy meal. Once fed by humans, they quickly become habituated and their natural fear of people fades. These spoiled bears are unpredictable and may become aggressive. As the return to the roadside again and again in search of food, they are more likely to be struck by passing vehicles. National Park roadways can be good places for viewing wildlife. Please choose to do it safely, for yourself and for wildlife.