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Terra Nova National Park of Canada


Blue Hill Exhibit

Drive to the top of Blue Hill and see why Terra Nova National Park is one of Newfoundland's treasures. Only a five-minute drive west of Newman Sound Campground, Blue Hill offers an ideal spot for sightseeing from two spectacular lookouts.

The first sight, overlooking Newman Sound, is wheelchair accessible and is equipped with an accessible spotting scope. Two interpretive panels provide an introduction to Terra Nova.

Drive to the very top and stand on the highest point in the park. From this point, you can feel the wind blowing in your face. Breathe in the fresh air and marvel at the beauty that surrounds you in all directions. A spotting scope and interpretive panels are here to help you experience the park to its fullest.

Blue Hill is a must if you are planning on staying overnight or just passing through the park.

Newman Sound Bird Exhibit

Bald eagles, osprey, greater yellowlegs, black ducks and many more birds feed in the shallow waters of Newman Sound Estuary. The exhibit overlooking the Sound provides a glimpse into the lives of some of the creatures that make their home in the rich water of the estuary.

Discover what makes an estuary one of the richest feeding grounds in the world and why so many birds and amphibians would want to live in this ever-changing environment.

Roll up your pant legs and venture across the estuary at low tide and experience this area yourself. You will be surprised at how much life you will find.

You can walk from Newman Sound Campground to this area or drive, either way will only take a couple of minutes.

Ochre Hill Exhibit

From the top of Ochre Hill you will see the power of the glaciers. A glacial exhibit at the top shares some of the secrets of these forgotten giants of Newfoundland's past. Look for the ancient conglomerate rocks exposed along the trail near the top.

From the exhibit area you will be able to get a close-up look at Newman Sound and other areas of the park with the fully accessible spotting scope.

Ochre Hill is only a five-minute drive on the Trans-Canada Highway east of the Newman Sound Campground - across from the entrance to Sandy Pond.

Sandy Pond Self-Guided Trail

Discover insect-eating plants, insects from the days of the dinosaurs, and old man's beard of the woods.

Along this trail, you can explore the pond's edge, open bogs and the cool northern forest of Terra Nova National Park.

Interpretive signs along the way help you understand the hidden stories of Sandy Pond Trail.

National parks keep plants and animals safe from harm. Please stay on the trail to avoid distrubing them. Take only pictures and leave only footprints.

The Campground Self-Guided Trail

Discover Terra Nova National Park's newest self-guided trail, located in the heart of the Newman Sound Campground.

As you hike this leisurely 4 km loop, you will find interpretive panels, where you can find out everything from invasive species to the changing composition of the park's boreal forest. Be sure to watch for the ripple of trout in Big Brook as it rattles toward Newman Sound.

This trail is sure to please all with common red squirrel, moose, bald eagle, spruce grouse and black-backed woodpecker sightings.