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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Ecological Integrity Monitoring

Behind the scenes at Terra Nova National Park

Maintaining ecological integrity in national parks is an important part of the Parks Canada mandate.  To do this, national park staff must first determine the health of ecosystems and then monitor that health on a regular basis.  Park managers use the information collected through this process for decision making and planning.

Staff at Terra Nova National Park has designed an extensive ecological integrity monitoring program encompassing the 5 main ecosystems – forest, aquatic, coastal, wetlands and barren.  Each ecosystem is broken down further into measures – for example water quality, Newfoundland Marten, shorebirds, etc).  Data collection occurs through the year, often in remote areas of the park and through a variety of means such as boating, hiking, and all-terrain vehicles.  The information gathered from the program determines the health of our park and provides important insight for park management.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Volunteering with the Ecological Integrity Monitoring Team provides a hands-on, behind the scenes peek into what is on the go in Terra Nova National Park.
Are you interested in getting an exclusive look at Terra Nova National Park? Taking part in our monitoring program will provide you with a unique and in-depth experience. It would also be an opportunity for you to play an important role in the protection of Terra Nova National Park. If you are interested in getting involved please contact us at 709.533.2807 or