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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Dunphy's Pond Trail

Length - 10 km return
Time - 3½ hours return

Map of Dunphy's Pond Trail
Map of Dunphy's Pond Trail
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Description : This trail is ideal for anyone who wants an enjoyable half-day hike. Some of the more uncommon boreal bird species, such as the ruffed and spruce grouse, crossbills, and great horned and boreal owls frequent this area. The call of the loon often greets visitors to the shores of Dunphy's Pond; the largest lake in the park, and a popular spot for canoeing.

Wilderness campsites located near the pond offers visitors a chance to experience the backcountry of the park. All campers must obtain a permit before camping in this area.

Wildlife/Plant Life : Largest of 134 ponds in park, bogs, marshes, crossbills

Access: TCH, 8 km from east entrance

Condition: A former access road, the trail provides excellent hiking and mountain biking, but the grades can be challenging.