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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Coastal Trail

Length - 9 km return
Time - 3 hours return

Map of Coastal Trail
Map of Coastal Trail
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Description : Following the shoreline you will discover why Newman Sound is designated a Canadian Wildlife Service bird sanctuary. Ospreys, terns, greater yellowlegs, and spotted sandpipers feed on the rich supply of food in the estuary. The trail meanders through a black spruce forest with numerous access points to the shoreline, where you can explore the tidal zone.

Wildlife/Plant Life : Pissamare Falls, mud flats, shorebirds,waterfowl, eagles, osprey

Access: Newman Sound or the Visitor Information Marine Centre parking lot at Salton's Brook

Condition: A leisurely stroll for all ages. During summer the trail is mainly dry. Boardwalks and steps help make the hike more enjoyable.