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Terra Nova National Park of Canada

Louil Hill Trail

Length - 4 km loop
Time - 1 1/2 hours

Map of Louil Hill Trail
Map of Louil Hill Trail
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Description : From a thick stand of alders, this trail meanders through a grove of insect-damaged fir trees. Locally known as maldow, "old man's beard" lichen hangs mysteriously from the dead branches. At the trail's midway point a detour to the top of Louil Hill provides a breathtaking panoramic view overlooking Alexander Bay.

Wildlife/Plant Life : Only granite hills in Park, woodpeckers, crossbills, old man's beard, sheep laurel

Access: From Route 310, opposite Traytown Access Road

Condition: A dry and leisurely hike. After heavy rains the start / finish section of the loop may become quite muddy.

Caution: The detour up to Louil Hill is steep and may be slippery after rain.