Terra Nova National Park of Canada


There are more than 100km of hiking trails in Terra Nova National Park of Canada ranging from half-hour strolls to strenuous multi-day hikes. Below is a summary of the hiking trails in the park. For a trail description, maps and other information, please click on the trail name.

For more detailed information, please consult the online Trail Map, or request a copy of our Park Guide & Map. A Road to the Beach Trail Guide or topographical mapare also available for purchase at the Heritage Gift Shoppe and at the Grocery Store in Newman Sound Campground.

Trail Summary

Trail NameDistance*Time*Activity
Malady Head 5 km 1.75 hours Hiking
Louil Hill 4 km 1.5 hours Hiking
Blue Hill Pond 5 km 1.75 hours Hiking
Buckley Cove 7 km 2.75 hours Hiking
Coastal Trail 9 km 3 hours Hiking
Campground Trail 3 km 1 hour Hiking
Outport Trail 48 km 16 hours Hiking
Ochre Hill 8 km 3 hours Hiking
Sandy Pond 3 km 1 hour Hiking
Platters Beach 10 km 3.5 hours Hiking
Dunphy’s Pond 10 km 3.5 hours Hiking & Biking
The Heritage Trail 1 km 30 minutes Hiking

*Please note: Trail lengths and times are approximate (based on 20 minutes per km) and given for a RETURN trip.

Road to the Beaches Trail Guide

The Road to the Beaches region is a spectacular sample of Newfoundland's cultural landscape, offering a hiking experience like no other. Many of the trails lead to lookouts with panoramic views of the area's boreal forest, traditional community settings, imposing hills and breathtaking seascape, while others provide unique opportunities for bird watching and wildlife sightings.

In order to assist you with you trail choice, The Road to the Beaches Trail Guide provides information on trailhead locations, trail lengths, hiking time and descriptions.

The guide can be purchased at the Newman Sound Grocery Store & the Heritage Gift Shoppe (Terra Nova National Park), Beaches Heritage Centre (Eastport), Glovertown Museum (Glovertown), Clode Sound Motel (Charlottetown) or online at http://www.heritagefoundationtnnp.nl.ca/RTTB_Trail_System.html .

Hiking Tips

National Parks are protected to preserve our natural and cultural heritage. However, wildlife and natural areas can be hazardous. The following tips will help make your visit safer and more enjoyable.

  • Know trail distances and hiking time.

  • Inform someone of your destination and expected return time.

  • Take appropriate clothing and footwear, a snack, water, fly repellent and sun screen lotion.

  • Stay on established trails to avoid trampling and killing plants, mosses and trees.

  • Pack out any garbage you take on a hike to ensure a cleaner park for everyone.
  • Be careful not to disturb wildlife and their habitats. Stay on the trail at all times.
  • Always keep your pet on a leash. Pets can disturb and even provoke wildlife.
  • Never approach or feed any wild animal, especially a bear. It is unlawful to feed or entice wild animals in a National Park.
  • Avoid areas with fresh bear tracks and droppings.
  • If you see a bear, stay calm and leave the area immediately. Report all bear sightings to park staff.
  • Moose and other wildlife may charge if they feel threatened. View all animals from a safe distance.
  • Leave plants and other natural objects for others to enjoy.
  • While hiking in the park ALWAYS pack out your garbage. If you see garbage in the woods, pack that out too. Not only will this keep the park beautiful for others; it will make it a safer place to visit.