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Gros Morne National Park of Canada


River Closure

Parks Canada wishes to advise anglers that Trout River, Trout River Pond and tributaries in Gros Morne National Park will be closed to angling until further notice. The closure is a conservation measure that will help to rebuild Atlantic salmon and sea-run trout populations that have declined in the river to a point where both are at risk.

The closure will be in effect from one hour after sunset on May 31, 2013 until further notice.

Read the information bulletin

Fishing is a popular activity in Gros Morne. Trout and salmon can be caught in many scenic rivers and brooks. Make sure your fishing trip is relaxing by learning about the regulations before you head out. Children under 16 years of age do not require a licence or permit if accompanied by a licensed angler. Their catch counts towards said angler’s catch limits. In addition to fishing permits and licences, anglers require a park pass.

The most important regulations are summarized below. Detailed information can be found in the National Parks of Canada Fishing Regulations. Our website provides a list of fish species found in the park. In Gros Morne, National Park fishing permits and licences are free and can be acquired at the park. Provincial Salmon licences are sold at gas stations, hardware stores, and sporting goods stores.

Atlantic Salmon Trout & Arctic Char
Licence/Permit Gros Morne Fishing Permit, Gros Morne Salmon Licence, provincial Salmon Licence, & salmon tags. One park & one provincial tag must be affixed to each salmon caught Gros Morne Fishing Permit
Season 15 June–7 Sept. 1 Feb.–14 Apr. & 15 May–7 Sept.
Daily Catch Limit 2 fish >30 to <63 cm length measured from nose tip to tail fork 12 fish or 2.2 kg +1 fish, whichever comes first
Possession Limit 4 fish >30 to <63 cm length measured from nose tip to tail fork 24 fish or 4.4 kg +1 fish, whichever comes first
Open to Fishing Fly-fishing only: Deer Arm Brook & Lomond River (including East Branch). Bait & spinner: All other water bodies except those closed to fishing
Closed to Fishing All waters of the Western Brook drainage basin, including Western Brook, Western Brook Pond, & Stag Brook. Ten Mile Feeder (between Ten Mile Pond & Deer Arm Pond)
Daily Closed Periods 1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise

The National Parks Fishing Regulations also state you cannot:

  • fish from bridges
  • have more than one fishing line
  • bait your flies with natural bait
  • use more than one hook or lure
  • use lead sinkers
  • leave your line unattended

Further information can be found on these websites: