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Gros Morne National Park of Canada

Conditions of Public/Commercial Snowmobile Operator’s Permit

  1. The permit is valid only during the period specified on the permit.
  2. The Superintendent may vary the dates for snowmobiling due to snow conditions.
  3. Any contravention of a condition of the permit constitutes an offence under subsection 24(3) of the Canada National Parks Act. Failure to comply with the Act, the applicable park regulations or the conditions of the permit will constitute grounds to suspend or revoke the permit and/or may be grounds for prosecution under the Canada National Parks Act.
  4. The permit holder shall carry the permit when they are snowmobiling in the park.
  5. The permit holder shall, on request by the Superintendent, a Park Warden, an enforcement officer, or a peace officer, immediately produce for examination the permit and proof of registration and must allow for a mechanical inspection to ensure the snowmobile is equipped as required by the laws of the province.
  6. The permit holder may operate a snowmobile in Gros Morne National Park only in the outlined corridors. Areas for snowmobiling include:
    • From Angus Lake north to Marks Pond to Western Pond Gorge and north to Arm Pond. From Arm Pond the route heads east to St. Paul’s Big Pond,
    • an alternate access route through Big Barren north to Fourth Pond and through Glander Gulch connecting up to the main area at Marks Pond,
    • from Matty’s Pond/Beaver Pond up to the east end of Halfway Gulch,
    • Access to Sandy Pond and Overfall Brook Falls.
    Three routes provide a link from the regional groomed trail system to the local communities in Gros Morne National Park.
    • a defined route from Green Point Hills over Big Level to meet up with the main travel area at Mark’s Pond;
    • a defined route from Cow Head, eastward through Dry Brook Pond to the east boundary;
    • a defined route from Glenburnie along Middle Brook to the east boundary.
  7. The permit holder will not operate a snowmobile on a marked and/or a maintained ski trail.
  8. The permit holder will not engage in the activity known as “highmarking” or “hammerheading.”
  9. The permit is valid only in Gros Morne National Park of Canada.
  10. The permit holder shall remove from the park, all damaged and broken snowmobiles, including any parts and sleds.
  11. The permit holder shall be responsible for all expenses incurred by the Superintendent in removing and disposing of snowmobiles, parts, and sleds if the holder of the permit fails to comply with condition 10 of this permit.
  12. The permit holder will not refuel a snowmobile within 30 m of a waterbody.
  13. The permit holder will not operate a snowmobile over open water.

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