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Gros Morne National Park

Lobster Cove Head

Lobster  Cove Head Lighthouse
Lobster Cove Head - A Lighthouse and so much more! With a vibrant history, Lobster Cove Head features trails that lead you to coastal environments and tuckamore forests. It is among the top places in the park to spot whales and take in the brilliant colours of the sunset.

How do you want to experience Lobster Cove Head?

Lobster Cove Head Exhibit - Open daily 10:00 – 5:30
Step into the historic lighthouse that once was the home of the light keeper of Lobster Cove Head and discover the heritage of Gros Morne National Park. Sit at the kitchen table, look through the light keeper’s books or check out the “discovery boxes” to understand what life was like for the people of Gros Morne living along the rocky coasts.

To the Lighthouse Walk To the Lighthouse Walk
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To the Lighthouse - Outdoor guided walk (30 min) Daily (11:00 and 2:00)
Stroll to the Lighthouse alongside a Parks Canada guide, who will introduce you to the story of Lobster Cove Head – the people, the heritage and the 118 year old Lighthouse that served as a beacon to those returning from sea. This is a great way to start your experience of Lobster Cove Head.

Fire Circle - Evening Outdoor Program (1h) Saturday at 7:00 pm
Listen to the drum & feel your connection to Mother Earth in an outdoor evening of fire & story. Join a Parks Canada guide for a moment to step back and appreciate the beautiful natural spectacle around you.

Walking Trails - Wander the headland and explore the winding trails through tuckamore forests. These short trails lead you to hidden outcrops with breath-taking vistas of wide open ocean and rocky beaches. Be sure to have a look at the effect that wind and water has on the trees along the top of the shoreline. At low tide, head to the beach and walk around the headland via several beach access points.

Kite Flying at Lobster Cove Head Kite Flying at Lobster Cove Head
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Play - Stop in to the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse to pick up a kite to fly in the fields or to borrow a traditional toy boat to take to the tide pools to make your own adventure at Lobster Cove Head. Bring along a picnic and enjoy the views as you sit back and relax.

Sunsets - Known in the park as THE place to enjoy the sunset, the Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse is the perfect spot to enjoy sunsets and an ideal place for photographers who are looking to capture the moment. Even on a stormy day, it’s an epic place to watch crashing waves. Who knows, you may just see a whale while you’re at it!