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Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada

Closeup of a Mink Frog
The Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis) is one of the many amphibian species that occur in Kouchibouguac. It is able to protect itself in part from predators by releasing a strong, "skunky" smell when in danger, which is also of the smell that most other mustelids such as minks give off, hence its name.
© Parks Canada / D. Doucet

Amphibians of Kouchibouguac

Common NameScientific Name
frog, green Rana clamitans
frog, mink Rana septentrionalis
frog, northern leopard Rana pipiens
frog, wood Rana sylvatica
newt, eastern red spotted Notophthalmus viridescens
salamander, blue-spotted Ambystoma laterale
salamander, eastern redback Plethodon cinereus
salamander, two-lined Eurycea bislineata
salamander, yellow spotted Ambistoma maculatum
spring peeper Pseudacris crudifer
toad, american Bufo americanus

Species of Kouchibouguac

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