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Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada

Panoramic view of Kelly's Beach, December 2010
Panoramic view of Kelly's Beach, December 2010 © Parks Canada

Climate Change

The effects of climate change are being felt around the world.

Our coast along the Northumberland Strait is sensitive to sea level rise and storm surges. During the last century, the ocean rose 30 cm in this area. Models project a future sea level rise of 70 cm for the Kouchibouguac area over the next 100 years. If this happens, dune and salt marsh ecosystems may move, plants may migrate, animals may adapt. Some will benefit from the possible changes. Many won’t and may go extinct.

The photo above shows a tidal channel (south of the boardwalk) created during the December 21, 2010 storm surge. This temporary channel will eventually become a permanent channel like the one located north of the boardwalk. This channel was created in 2000.