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Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada

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During the winter some of the Park roads are not opened making some sections of the Park more difficult to access for snowshoers.

Three trails, two of which are accessible by car, are marked specifically for snowshoeing: Kouchibouguac River Trail and Osprey Trail. The Pines Trail is also marked for snowshoeing but is not easily accessible.

Unplowed during the winter, the Parkway that makes its way to the Petit-Large shelter (5.8 km) via the Pines trail is not marked for snowshoeing, however it is well suited for snowshoeing. 

Snowshoe Rentals

Snowshoes available for rent, 5 days a week, Thursday to Monday, at the Pijeboogwek waxing hut located across the road from the Park Information Centre. Quantities are limited. Call ahead to inquire about availability. (506) 876-2443.

Why Snowshoe?

Some of the reasons why snowshoeing is becoming more and more popular:

  1. No or very little coordination is required. It’s simple to learn for all ages
  2. Little preparation time needed before leaving on a hike.
  3. There’s low risk of injury and it’s easy on joints.
  4. It’s a superior calorie-burner - about 500/hour.
  5. It provides a great legs and buttocks workout - and arms too, if you add poles.
  6. You can explore out-of-the-way places.
  7. Snowshoeing is inexpensive - especially compared with other winter sports.
A Family getting ready for snowshoeing.
Snowshoeing at Kouchibouguac National Park: Fun for the entire family!
© New Brunswick Tourism and Parks Department

For Your Safety

  • Remember that you are responsible for your own safety and security!
  • In case of an accident or emergency call 911. Be prepared for the possibility that you may have to wait for help if you have an accident.
  • Cell phone coverage is not available everywhere. Pay phones are located at Pijeboogwek and at the visitor reception centre.
  • Avoid hypothermia and frostbites by dressing appropriately. Be prepared for rapidly changing weather conditions. Check air temperature and wind chill factor before skiing.
  • Make sure to tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return. Stay on designated trails.
  • Check ice conditions before crossing rivers and estuaries.

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