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Kouchibouguac National Park of Canada

Côte-à-Fabien Campground

Côte-à-Fabien is a 32-site more isolated campground located on the north side of the Kouchibouguac River. The offshore barrier islands can be seen in the distance. This unserviced campground does not have hook-ups, showers or flush toilets, but it does have a superb location.

Reservations available at 1 877 737-3783 or at 

Prohibition of Firewood Importation

Don't Move Firewood!

Please be aware that firewood importation is now prohibited at Kouchibouguac National Park.

Dim the lights!

Don't forget that Kouchibouguac is a Dark Sky Preserve and so we encourage you to minimize as much as possible lighting in the campground.

Please Follow the Speed Limits

In any location such as a national park, it is very important that you follow the posted speed limit.

Roads in the campgrounds are very sinuous. The numerous trees and thick vegetation as well as the large number of campers walking and cycling inside the campground increase the possibilities of accidents. It is therefore imperative that you follow the 20 km/hr speed limit.

Wherever you are in the park, if you are driving a motorized vehicle, remember to respect the speed limits.

You and Your Pets

We appreciate and realize that your pet is an important family member. However for the security of your pet and the security of others, pets must be kept on a leash at all times and are never to be left unattended.

Pets pose a threat to wildlife, especially young animals and birds that nest along the barrier islands. Pets are not permitted on the beach or on the boardwalk leading to the beach.

While in the Park, please scoop and dispose of your pets' excrement in a sanitary manner.