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Fundy National Park

A salmon swims at the bottom of a river
The inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) is listed as an Endangered Species. 

Recovering Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon

Connecting People, Rivers, and the Bay

Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic salmon have lived for thousands of years in the Bay of Fundy, connecting forests to the ocean. However, wild salmon have disappeared from the region, leaving the population at risk of extinction.

Now, Parks Canada is working with its partners to bring the King of Fish back to Fundy Rivers.

Aerial view of Upper Salmon River From river to ocean
The incredible life cycle of Atlantic Salmon
Village of Alma at low tide Swimming with the tides Adapting to thrive in the Bay of Fundy
Archive image of the dam on the Point Wolfe River Damaged Connections
Strained relationship between nature and people
View of Upper Salmon River in the fog Empty rivers
The collapse of inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon
Workers at the Mactaquac Biodiversity Facility Action in the face of extinction
Protecting an endangered icon
A bucket full of adult salmon being dropped in the river Reasons for hope
Science and partnerships to return salmon to the wild
A volunteer on a smolt wheel in the Upper Salmon River You can help
Become a Smolt Wheel Assistant!
Snorklers in the Upper Salmon River at Black Hole, swimming with salmon Swim with salmon for science
Join our biologists for this unique, day-long expedition.

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