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Fundy National Park of Canada

A Pine Siskin on a tree stump
Pine Siskin is frequently observed in Fundy National Park during the Christmas Bird Count.
© Gerry Mazerolle

Christmas Bird Count 2012

Three birds on a branch Common Redpolls and a female Pine Grosbeak
© Gerry Mazerolle

One Bird, Two Birds, Red Bird, Blue Bird... The tradition continues at Fundy National Park!

What: Fundy's 47th Annual Christmas Bird Count

When: Friday, December 14, 2012 @ 8:30 am

Where: Meet at the Alma Activity Center. Use the School Street entrance.

Birdwatching enthusiasts, nature lovers, and anyone wanting to enjoy a nice winter walk in beautiful Fundy National Park are invited to participate in the Fundy Christmas Bird Count. Talk to your friends and family and travel together to the shores of the Bay of Fundy. Warm up to good food and refreshments between noon and 2:00 pm at the Alma Activity Center.

No need to be an expert as novice birdwatchers will be paired with the more experienced. Bird counts reveal scientifically important information on the distribution, species and numbers of winter birds.

Please contact the Fundy Guild to register or for information at or call 506-887-6094 (leave a message).

The count takes place within a 24-kilometer diameter territory centered at Kinnie Brook. Within the area, organizers attempt to field as many counters as they can. Participants are grouped into "parties", each with a party leader familiar with the territory that they alone will cover.

Fundy's bird census is one of more than 2000 similar counts designed to survey populations of winter birds in Canada, the United States, South and Central America.

Fundy National Park is cooperating with the Fundy Guild to bring you this 47th Fundy Christmast Bird Count.

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