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Herring Cove on a foggy day.
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Herring Cove Beach Trail

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Distance: 1 km loop
Time: 40 minutes
Difficulty: Moderate
Beach access: Yes
Habitat: Coast

This short trail starts near the lookout and descends directly into Herring Cove. At low tide, one can walk to the rocky headland. Over time, the constant tidal action has carved a small sea cave accessible after a short scramble over rocks – watch your step as seaweeds make them slippery! You can return to the picnic area by the same route or cross the little stream at the upper beach and walk back through the forest. The trail parallels a brook and crosses a small waterfall.

Highlights Throughout the Year

  • There are many old apple trees at Herring Cove indicating that the area was once settled.
  • Old fields are now regenerating into a second growth forest. Alder thickets are home to the Alder Flycatcher. Many species of flycatchers look alike, so the habitat they occupy and the sounds they make are a good way to tell them apart.
  • At low tide, look for rock barnacles. They resemble tiny white volcanoes attached to rocks. At high tide, this close relative of the shrimp opens its top trap doors and kicks its feathery feet in the water to catch plankton.

Be Prepared!

  • Know your physical limits.
  • A sweather and a windbreaker are good for insurance against variable weather.
  • We recommend footwear with good tractiona nd support, such as running shoes or lightweight boots.
  • Plan your roue and stick to it. If you leave the trail, you may get lost.
  • Tell someone your plan and estimated time of return.
  • Bring water and food for longer hikes.
  • Leave no trace! Please carry out all garbage, yours and any you may find on the trail.

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