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Fundy National Park of Canada

Hiking at Dickson Falls
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

Dickson Falls Trail

Hiking Waterfall Interpretive Panel Bench Lookout Parking Dry Toilet
Distance: 1.5 km loop
Time: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Moderate
Habitat: Forest, brook

Start off this exploration by soaking in the beautiful view at the lookout. This is picture perfect Fundy Shore scenery. To see the most photographed waterfall of Fundy National Park, walk the trail! It takes you down into a cool, lush valley along the swift and youthful Dickson Brook. This is the most popular trail in the park, so do not miss it!

Highlights Throughout the Year

Dickson Falls © Parks Canada / C. Reardon
  • Dickson Falls always dresses for the season, so visit it often to experience the differences.
  • The most accessible waterfall of the park which contains dozens... really!
  • In the summer, the waterfall environment creates an oasis for many species of ferns.
  • A cool place to be on a hot summer’s day!
  • In the fall Dickson Brook babbles down towards the Bay of Fundy carrying flashes of gold, yellow, and red as leaves fall off the Acadian Forest trees.
  • Interpretive panels tell you the story of the diversity of life in this small river valley.

Be Prepared!

  • Know your physical limits; Fundy’s wilderness is famous for its rugged cliffs and river valleys. Choose a trail that is challenging but enjoyable for you.
  • Pack for comfort and safety: A sweater and a windbreaker are good insurance against variable weather. We recommend footwear with good traction and support. Pack fresh water and a snack, even if you’re planning a short hike.
  • Plan your route and stick to it. Let someone know where you plan on hiking and your estimated time of return.
  • For your own safety and to preserve the ecological integrity of our Park, stay on marked trails.
  • Leave no trace! Please carry out all garbage, yours and any you may find on the trail.

Fundy National Park Hiking Trails

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