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Bears in the Mountain National Parks

Banff, Yoho, Kootenay: Weekly bear report
July 30, 2015

This year's patchy buffaloberry crop is keeping bears on the move, they're always looking for areas of greater abundance.  
© Parks Canada / A. Taylor

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Current related warnings and closures

AREA CLOSED - Helen Lake trail and surrounding area
AREA CLOSURE: Bow River Loop Trail 

AREA CLOSURE - Monarch Fire Road, Centennial Trail and Trail to the Past
AREA CLOSURE: McArthur Creek Valley
AREA CLOSED: Odaray Prospect and Odaray Plateau

RESTRICTED ACTIVITY ORDER: Sinclair Creek and Kindersley Pass Trail

Bear sightings: July 23-29, 2015

If you see a bear, please let us know! Call Park Dispatch (24 hrs) at 403-762-1470.

The bear report does not indicate "where the bears are" but "where bears have been recently seen". Fewer sightings means fewer observations, not necessarily fewer bears. Bears move around and may be seen anywhere, anytime, even close to town.

Park Trail - Day-use area - Campground Species Date
Banff Hector Lake Black bear Jul-29
Banff Tram Line Trail LL Unknown Jul-28
Banff 93 North - Rampart Creek Campground Black bear Jul-28
Banff Johnson Lake Trails Grizzly Jul-28
Banff Cascade Ponds Black bear Jul-28
Banff Castle Mountain Campground Black bear Jul-28
Banff Two Jack Main Campground Black bear Jul-28
Banff Lake Minnewanka Trail - Stewart Canyon Black bear Jul-27
Banff Stewart Canyon Black bear Jul-27
Banff 93 North - Helen Lake Unknown Jul-27
Banff Two Jack Lakeside Campground Black bear Jul-26
Banff Tunnel Mountain Village 1 Campground Grizzly Jul-26
Banff Bow Lake Grizzly Jul-26
Banff Lake Minnewanka Shoreline Trail Black bear Jul-25
Banff Moraine Lake Road Black bear Jul-25
Kootenay Kootenay Crossing Female Grizzly with offspring Jul-25
Banff Sundance Canyon Grizzly Jul-24
Yoho Emerald Lake Black bear Jul-24
Banff 1a - Protection Mountain Grizzly Jul-24
Banff Ptarmigan Lake Grizzly Jul-24
Kootenay Stanley Glacier Trail Grizzly Jul-24
Banff Route Minnewanka – Prés Bumpy Black bear Jul-23

Prepare - Be Aware - Let bears know you're there

Prepare - carry bear spray & know how to handle an encounter
Be aware - look ahead & watch for tracks, droppings, and diggings
Let bears know you’re there - travel in a group & make noise