Wapusk National Park of Canada

Facilities and Services

Licensed Tour Operators

Two companies are licensed by Parks Canada to offer guided trips in Wapusk National Park. Please contact the companies directly to obtain a description of trips offered, as well as current information regarding trip dates and prices.

Frontiers North Adventures
P.O. Box 40063 RPO Lagimodiere
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2C 4P3
Telephone: 204-949-2050
Toll Free North America: 1-800-663-9832
Fax: 204-667-1051
Website: www.frontiersnorth.com

Wat’chee Expeditions
P.O. Box 187
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-2114
E-mail: watchel@mts.net
Website: www.watchee.com

Accommodations, Shops and Restaurants in Churchill

For a list of local accommodations, shops, restaurants and commercial tours that are available in Churchill, contact the following:

Town of Churchill
P.O Box 479
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-8871
Fax: 204-675-2934
Email: townofchurchill@mts.net
Website: www.churchill.ca

Churchill Chamber of Commerce
P.O Box 176
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-2022
Toll free: 1-888-389-2327
Website: www.churchillchamberofcommerce.ca

Travel Manitoba - Everything Churchill
Website: www.everythingchurchill.com

Aerial Tours of Wapusk

Fly in by helicopter for an adventure of a lifetime! Hudson Bay Helicopters offers aerial tours over Wapusk National Park.

Hudson Bay Helicopters
P.O. Box 337
Churchill, Manitoba
R0B 0E0
Telephone: 204-675-2576
Fax: 204-675-2331
E-mail: info@hudsonbayheli.com
Website: www.hudsonbayheli.com