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Wapusk National Park of Canada


Current weather conditions can be obtained at

Weather in the North is harsh and changes quickly.
In May, temperatures will range from -10°C to 20°C.

Blizzard in Wapusk
Blizzard in Wapusk.
© Parks Canada/Wayne Lynch

During the Wapusk summer (June, July and August) temperatures can range from a low of -10 C to highs of 35C, and may plunge 20 degrees in less than an hour. Snowstorms can happen at any time of year.
September and October are often stormy, with temperatures usually ranging from -25°C to 15°C.
Winter spans late October to early May. The average December and January temperature is -26C, but it can drop as low as -50C, and wind chills may push temperatures even further, to as low as -80C.

© Parks Canada/Wayne Lynch