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Facts and Figures

Location: Hudson-James Lowlands, along the western shores of Hudson Bay, in northeast Manitoba | MAP
Established: April 24, 1996
Size: 11,475 km2 (4,430.5 mi2)

Features and Highlights

Wapusk National Park

Polar bear and cub © T. Milse
Let this expansive wilderness fill you with awe as you visit the remote subarctic that is Wapusk National Park. This 11,475 square kilometre park, at the transition between boreal forest and arctic tundra, protects one of the largest polar bear maternity denning areas in the world. Wapusk is located within the range of the Western Hudson Bay population of polar bears, which numbers approximately 935 bears. Nature lovers watch for arctic foxes, arctic hares, wolves, caribou and wolverine as well as more than 200 bird species. Access to Wapusk is via authorized commercial tour operators in Churchill.

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