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Wapusk National Park

Learning Experiences

Webcam image of polar bears at Cape Churchill Webcam image of polar bears at Cape Churchill

2015 Polar Bear Webcam!

It’s Polar Bear Season in northern Manitoba, and you can check out what’s going on right now in Wapusk National Park! Every autumn, large male polar bears gather at Cape Churchill, along the Hudson Bay coast, waiting for the sea ice to form. Polar bears depend on sea ice as a platform from which to hunt ringed seals, their main food source. Learn more.

Our Land, Our Stories Exhibit "Our Land, Our Stories" Exhibits
© Parks Canada /
Dan Harper

"Our Land, Our Stories" Exhibits

Immerse yourself in the ecology and human history of Wapusk through the "Our Land, Our Stories" exhibits at the Parks Canada Visitor Centre in Churchill's Heritage Railway Station.

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Wapusk Leadership Camp Wapusk Leadership Camp
© Parks Canada

Wapusk Leadership Camp

The Wapusk Leadership Camp: Leaders for Our Planet offers the opportunity to experience one of Canada’s most remote national parks. 

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