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Wapusk National Park


Female polar bear with yearlings on pack ice © Parks Canada

Remote and spectacular with wide-open vistas, Wapusk is home to diverse wildlife and a nature-lover’s dream. With no roads into the park, the frozen tidal flats of Hudson Bay are traversed by a big-wheeled Frontiers North Tundra Buggy™ which offers up-close experiences with polar bears at Cape Churchill in fall. Wat’chee Lodge, just outside the park, operates in February and March, bringing visitors into Wapusk for mother and cub viewing.

Featured Activities

Polar Bear Viewing Opportunities
Polar Bear Viewing Opportunities
As fall progresses, large numbers of polar bears can often be seen at Cape Churchill, within Wapusk. Mothers with new cubs emerge from their earth dens in early spring.
Aerial Tours
Aerial Tours
Fly in by helicopter for an adventure of a lifetime!
Owl River Canoe
Owl River Canoe Excursions
Offered from June 1 to 30, canoe excursions on the Owl River are a unique blend of wilderness and history.

Northern Iconic Experience

York Factory National Historic Site
Adventure at the Edge of the Arctic!
Five days of exploration await you in Wapusk National Park, York Factory, and Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Sites. Here the natural world and the human world are intertwined.

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