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Proposed Riding Mountain National Park Management Plan Amendment
for Mount Agassiz

Draft Management Plan Amendment

Introduction to the Draft Amended Management Plan


The current management plan for Riding Mountain National Park of Canada and Riding Mountain Park East Gate Registration Complex National Historic Site of Canada was approved in 2007. In accordance with the Canada National Parks Act which requires plans to be reviewed every five years, this management plan has been reviewed and is proposed for amendment. The amendment would enable proposals to be considered for the redevelopment of a ski hill operation at the Mount Agassiz Ski Area.

All sections of the 2007 management plan would remain in force with the exception of two parts. The first part is an amendment to Section 7.9 - Mt. Agassiz Ski Area. This section would be replaced in its entirety with:

Strategic Goal
Continue to foster memorable visitor experience opportunities on the east side of RMNPC. Link these opportunities with others in the region outside the national park and national historic site.


a) Consider financially sustainable proposals for the redevelopment of a ski hill operation at the Mt. Agassiz Ski Area, including multi-season recreational activities.

b) If it is determined that a ski hill operation is viable, any redevelopment and use at Mt Agassiz will be guided by the 2006 Ski Area Management Guidelines, Parks Canada's ski area planning process, and national and park-wide direction on new recreational activities. Parks Canada will work with a potential operator to develop site specific guidelines which will outline development limits, parameters and conditions to guide specific redevelopment and use proposals. Based on approved site guidelines, development and use proposals will be advanced by the operator through long-range plans and the application of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

c) Continue to involve key stakeholder groups and First Nations in discussions about other opportunities for visitor experiences on the east side of RMNPC, and continue to develop an area plan. Implement the area plan as resources are available.

The second part is an addition to Section 13 - Summary of the Environmental Assessment. This amendment provides the required environmental assessment for the above amendment:

“A strategic environmental assessment will be conducted on site guidelines which must be prepared if a ski hill is to be developed. A detailed environmental assessment of a ski area proposed long-range plan for the development and use of the skill hill will be conducted in accordance with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.”

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