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Riding Mountain National Park

Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy

The Advisory Board 

Group members spent an entire day visiting the area of the park
At the initial meeting the Advisory Board toured the entire escarpment area. Through the process the Board visited many of the adjacent communities and reached out to the community leaders and members to gain their insights, concerns and ideas.
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The Advisory Board was selected for their diverse expertise and interests. The group demonstrated a sincere interest in looking at the positive opportunities along the escarpment in new and innovative ways. Their contribution tremendously helped the development of the process and the creation of the area strategy.


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Parks Canada would like to extend its great appreciation to the Advisory Board Members for their expertise, passion and time to this initiative.

2012 East Escarpment Advisiory List

Name Role and Organization
Bill Baker Boardmember, Friends of Riding Mountain National Park
Bobby Bennett Manager, Turtle River Conservation District (St. Rose)
Wayne Copet Past Director, Industry Development, Travel Manitoba
Ann Dandeneau Business Development Specialist, Community Development, Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI)
Celes Davar President, Earth Rhythms, Inc.
Rick Donaldson Economic Development Officer and Amanda Cathcart, Leisure Services Manager,Town of Neepawa
Derm English Regional Manager, Manitoba Local Government
Andrew Flett Elder, Ebb and Flow First Nation
Richard Gaywish Economic Development Officer, Titibinaysiibiing Economic Development Group (Rolling River First Nation)
Daymon Guillas Assesippi Ski Hill
Pam Little McCreary Economic Development Board
Val Pankratz Chair, Biosphere Reserve
Kathy Swann Director, Parkland Tourism
Karen Walker Tibble Business Development Specialist, Agri-Tourism, MAFRI

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