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Riding Mountain National Park

Escarpment of Riding Mountain Area Strategy

Scope of the Area Strategy

The area’s geographic scope is within the park however, the area of desired influence extends beyond it. The reasoning behind this approach is twofold:
  1. Visitor experience does not stop at the park boundaries. There are many complementary experiences that exist or can be developed in the surrounding municipalities. It is our hope that area “champions” will drive actions in the areas outside the park.
  2. Parks Canada can work with others to provide services in the park to facilitate improved visitor experiences.
An ambitious hope for this strategy is that it can be a catalyst for collective action in the escarpment area – both in the park and beyond.
East Escarpment Area
East Escarpment Area
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What is an Area Management Strategy? It’s a document that focuses on a specific park area that needs a particular management focus. It sets the direction for visitor experience, resource protection, education and cooperation for the area. As well, it serves as a blueprint for getting things done, maintaining standards, and uniting people who must work together for progress to happen.


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