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Transcript for Cliff Jumping Safety

All outdoor activities take practice. The higher the cliff, the higher the risk.

That's high, that's really high. I've never . . .

Come on, you can do it.

On the count of three.

That is so high.

It's not even that high.

I've have not, I've never jumped this before

You can do it, don't even think about it.

I don't know. I don't know guys, I really don't know.

Come on.

Have a beer first.

Do it!

Oh my god. Oh my god. Something's going wrong. Call 911.

If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you?

Ok, if there is any thermal layers that can come down with that litter that would be good.

Are you secure where you are?

I am secure on the rap line, ah, I am heavy on the rap line right now.

Ok go ahead with your vitals.

Chief complaint is mid line pain, and he does have distal sensation. He's in the initial stages of hypothermia and has a strong radial pulse.

Copy mid line pain and good distal.

Ten - four

Alright, that feels really good guys, that's good speed. Ah, we're 15 feet from the overhang.

Every year people suffer from life-altering injuries associated with cliff jumping.

Think before you jump.

Shot on location at Horseshoe Lake, Alberta during a Parks Canada training exercise.

Special Thanks to: Bob Covey – Camera Sam Heine, Jamie Swallowell, Mike Frowen, Desiree Palmer

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