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Riding Mountain National Park

The Sounds of Riding Mountain National Park

In the spring the forests and grasslands of Riding Mountain become a symphony of song as frisky birds seek mates and territory to raise their young. For the past 10 years park staff have been getting up early to record these songs in different parts of the park to monitor the number of song bird species that are using the park. The best time of day for song birds is around 6 am and as many people are sleeping then we thought we would share this clip to see if you could pick out as many birds as our experts.

Sounds of Riding Mountain National Park 
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To download the sound clips in MP3 format below, right-click on them and select "Save As" to save them to your computer. You can then play them with any compatible software capable of playing MP3-format audio files.

How many species and total birds do you hear? (MP3, 5.5 MB)