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Riding Mountain National Park

Camping Opportunities

Camping and Accomodations 2017

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New launch date: January 16, 2017 at 8:00 am CST

Campground Reservations


Site enhancements have been completed with the addition of water and electricity to many sites.

Some sites in the wasagaming campground have been renumbered to improve flow and to facilitate travel. Although these site numbers have changed, the sites themselves remain in the same location.

* Now Available * 
   Try our Micro-Cube or Double-tent! 


Otentik Tents
A camping experience with more comfort
and less work!


Wasagaming Campground
Full range of sites from unserviced to fully serviced.


Yurt Camping
A comfortable, hassle-free camping experience

Other Front Country Campgrounds

Other Front Country Campgrounds
Unserviced camping in spectacular settings

Group Camping

Group Camping
Family reunions, weddings or any special event

Back-Country Camping

Backcountry Camping
A challenging, yet rewarding way to experience the landscape

Random Camping

Random Camping
Set up a responsible camp almost anywhere you choose

Cairns Cabin

Campground Host Program
A wonderful way for outgoing people to volunteer and share experiences with enthusiastic Park visitors.


Cairns Cabin
Rustic backcountry cabin offering basic amenities (winter only)

Things you should know regarding Wasagaming Campground

Things you should know regarding oTENTik tents and the Yurt in the Wasagaming Campground

Camping in Bear Country. Bear-proof your food! Never cook in, or near, your tent or tent-trailer. Stash your trash!

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