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Yoho National Park

Weather and Climate

The weather in Yoho National Park is localized and changeable.

Summer weather extends from mid-June to mid-September. The mean temperature during this period is 12.5° C, with average high temperatures of 20° C and low temperatures of 5° C. Above 1500m elevation, freezing temperatures and snow are not uncommon in the summer.

In winter, temperatures range from 10° C to –35° C from November through April, with average temperatures between 5° C and –15° C. The coldest weather usually occurs from December to February.

Located on the west side of the Continental Divide, Yoho National Park receives more rainfall and snowfall than areas east of the divide. Precipitation increases with elevation.

Field (elevation 1243 m)
Average annual rainfall: 314 mm
Average annual snowfall: 332 cm

Kicking Horse Pass (elevation 1625 m)
Average annual rainfall: 385 mm
Average annual snowfall: 461 cm

Weather Forecast