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Mount Revelstoke National Park

Street View for Google Maps

Experience the park in person—or explore virtually using Street View for Google Maps. There is so much to discover at the click of a finger.

Meadows in the Sky Parkway
Balsam Lake
Balsalm Lake Viewpoint
Miller Lake Trail
Jade Lakes Trail
Eva Lake Backcountry Campground
Soren Sorensen Loop Trails
Monashee Lookout
Giant Cedars Boardwalk
Panorama Point


Map of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier National Parks
Map of Mount Revelstoke & Glacier National Parks
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For more information, the Hiking in Mount Revelstoke National Park brochure (PDF, 2.2 MB) has a more detailed map.
For in-depth trip planning, Natural Resources Canada provides free topographical maps of the Mount Revelstoke National Park area. You can download them here.