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Mount Revelstoke National Park

Coming Attractions

Mount Revelstoke Campground

Mount Revelstoke Campground

Parks Canada is designing a new frontcountry campground in Mount Revelstoke National Park. Located near the beginning of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway at the base of Mount Revelstoke, the campground will offer approximately 50 sites for tents, trailers, campers and motorhomes. Mount Revelstoke National Park does not currently offer frontcountry camping and nearby Glacier National Park only offers a small number of campsites suitable for large motorhomes. The campground will be constructed at the site of the Mount Revelstoke’s former staff residential area, and will re-use much of the previously-developed space at the site, including roads, parking areas and residential yards. This new facility will open in the 2019 visitor season.

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Nels' Knickers

Nel's Knickers

Step into place and imagine yourself soaring through the crisp winter air above cheering crowds, your skis touching snow 183 feet from the takeoff. A new world record set. Parks Canada is proud to present Nels' Knickers, a cantilevered viewing platform, and accompanying interpretation which will guide visitors through Mount Revelstoke's ski jumping history. The site is currently closed to allow for construction and trail building. Please join us for the grand opening in 2017.

What's New

Action planning for endangered and threatened species in Mount Revelstoke

Park specific action plans are being prepared to meet the Recovery Strategy goals for species at risk found on Parks Canada lands. The goal of these action plans is to identify, coordinate and prioritize site-specific actions to support species at risk recovery and management in the parks.

Online public consultation will be open in early 2017. Please check back here for the link.

Beaver Lodge Kids Bike Park

Kids Bike Skills Park

We are hard at work preparing another new visitor experience – the new Beaver Lodge Kids Bike Park - located at the Nels Nelsen area in Mount Revelstoke National Park. The bike park will be officially opened as part of Canada’s 150th anniversary celebration and we look forward to having it ready for families when they come to the park in 2017.

Google Street View

Experience the park in person—or explore virtually using Street View for Google Maps. There is so much to discover at the click of a finger!