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Mount Revelstoke National Park

Art in the Park

'Eighteen Kisses' by Jackie Pendergast
Eighteen Kisses by Jackie Pendergast
© Jackie Pendergast
Art in the Park is about creating that sense of place and sharing an emotional response to that place through art.
- Jackie Pendergast
Revelstoke Visual Arts Society and Art in the Park artist

Since 2008, the Art in the Park program based in Revelstoke B.C. provides visual artists with special access to explore one of Canada’s national parks and then share the experience through art. Artwork is created to inspire an emotional connection and deeper understanding of Canada’s national parks. Parks Canada has proudly collaborated with the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society (RVAS) to present the Art in the Park program.

Artists are chosen through a rigorous selection process designed to encourage a balance of artistic mediums and experience. Participants work to create unique pieces of art that reflect their vision of Mount Revelstoke National Park. The finished artwork is then shared with the public at various venues in the province and on-line.

Parks Canada's goal is to build a broader awareness among Canadians of Canada’s national parks. By creating artwork from their experiences in the park, artists reveal meanings and relationships that complement the scientific and educational perspectives presented by park staff. Through artists' participation, Parks Canada hopes to expand the way the park is seen by local residents, staff, visitors and audiences beyond park boundaries.

2015 Caribou Artists' Cabin Program

Mount Revelstoke National Park now offers artists a unique opportunity to stay and create on the mountain, without the need to drive back to town at night. The Caribou Artists' Cabin is nestled high on Mount Revelstoke, 1200 metres (4000 ft) above the valley below. The Meadows in the Sky Parkway leads right past the cabin’s front porch.

The artists' cabin is set among towering subalpine fir and Englemann spruce trees, less than a ten minute drive from the top of the mountain. Caribou Cabin gives artists an opportunity to experience the magical Selkirk sunrises and Monashee sunsets from the solitude of the Mount Revelstoke summit. Overnight, there isn't a light visible on any horizon at the cabin and the Milky Way brightens the sky.

The Caribou Artists' Cabin is a rustic log cabin, with wood heat, gas lights and a two storey outhouse! The cabin is well-supplied – artists only need to bring their sleeping bag, water and food, and paints and canvases (or notepad, guitar, clay, laptop, camera, trumpet and yarn).

Artists renting the cabin will also have access to the Balsam Studio, just below the mountain summit. It’s a great place to work if the weather’s not perfect. To help artists stay on budget, the cabin and studio together rent for just $22.00.

To reserve: 250-837-7552

Download the 2015 Caribout Artists' Cabin program PDF (778 kb)


New! View the 2014 Art in the Park Gallery

2014 is Mount Revelstoke National Park’s 100th anniversary! The 2014 Art in the Park program will celebrate one hundred years of art, adventure and achievement in the Columbia Mountains with two opportunities for artists: the Balsam Lake Art Camps Program and the Caribou Artists’ Cabin Program.

Each program is designed to meet the needs of different artists and support memorable experiences in the park. Both provide after-hours access to the park where artists may enjoy summit views at sunrise and sunset and dream under a star-lit sky long after the last visitor has left the park.

2014 Balsam Lake Art Camps

Balsam Lake  Balsam Lake cabin
Balsam Lake and Balsam Lake cabin
© Parks Canada / Karen Best

For serious artists, Mount Revelstoke National Park, in collaboration with the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society, is facilitating a unique offer at Balsam Lake, only one kilometre from the summit. This juried art-camp program includes small groups of artists spending several days together exploring the park and expressing their creative voice with their medium of choice.

Artists will sign on as park volunteers and stay at the rustic Balsam Lake cabin. The cabin is a shared accommodation with a wood stove, vault toilets and has no running water or electricity. Participants will be responsible for the cost of food. During the day, artists will work in the Balsam Studio with views of the lake and wildflower meadows. They will also be able to interact with park visitors and share their experience.

At the end of each camp, artists will provide a minimum of three completed pieces of work for an exhibition at the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre. The exhibition will then be available for touring for one year at yet to be determined venues in urban centres. At the end of the year, artwork will be returned to the artist.

The dates for the 2014 Art in the Park artist program are:

Monday July 28 – Thursday July 31
Friday August 9 – Tuesday August 12

For more information visit:, or call the park office at 250-837-7500.

2013 Program

Balsam Lake, Eve Fisher 
Balsam Lake by Eve Fisher

© Eve Fisher
View the 2013 Art in the Park Gallery

For 2013, the Art in the Park program was held in Mount Revelstoke National Park with the additional opportunity for artists to participate as an Artist in Residence.

The 2013 exhibition also included photography from the Glacier Adventure Stewardship Program students and mentors. Professional photographers shared their skills with youth participants, and together produced a collection of photos.

2013-14 Art Shows
  • The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre - November 8 to December 6, 2013

2012 Program

Photo of an artist at work in Mount Revelstoke National Park Artist Kip Wiley on the Giant Cedars boardwalk
© Parks Canada - Zuzana Driediger
The opportunity to take time to experience the micro aspects of Mount Revelstoke National Park is truly a blessing!
- Mas Matsushita
Mount Revelstoke Art In the Park 2012 artist

2012 marked Mount Revelstoke National Park’s first Art in the Park program with fourteen local visual artists selected to participate. Artists focused on the flora and fauna found in the park, exploring wild flowers, rocks, tree bark, leaves, insects, birds and lichen. Together, using a variety of media, they created original pieces of artwork to be part of the exhibition entitled Up Close.

More information on the Art in the Park program and artists is available from the
Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre.

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