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Mount Revelstoke National Park


child on bicycle in forest A young visitor explores one of Mount Revelstoke's trails
© William Eaton

Rain forest, snow forest or no forest: it’s your choice at Mount Revelstoke National Park.

Road cycling

Cycling the Meadows in the Sky Parkway

The Meadows in the Sky parkway is a road cyclists dream. This paved road climbs from 470 metres on the Trans Canada Highway, to 1835 metres at Balsam Lake. An elevation change of 1365 metres over 26km. The road begins in the world’s only inland temperate rainforest, and passes through old-growth stands of cedar and hemlock. At the summit, the road culminates in stunning wildflower meadows—from the glacier lilies and marsh marigolds of early summer to the red Indian paintbrush, yellow arnica and purple lupine that leave the fields awash in colour by August.

Please note that this is a narrow mountain road with 16 switchbacks in total. While large vehicles such as trailers, motorcoaches, and dual axle recreation vehicles (RVs) are not permitted, caution should be taken when cycling, particularly on the descent.

Trail riding

Beaver Lodge Kids Bike Park

Nels Knickers © B Eaton

The new Beaver Lodge Kids Bike Park, located at the Nels Nelsen area on lower Mount Revelstoke National Park, is now ready for visitors!

The children’s interpretive bike park and creative playscape is designed for families with children from 1 ½ years and up. Visitors can develop bike skills, play, and learn about the park in a fun and active way. Try out obstacles such as the dragonfly teeter totter, animal overpass and the giant snail.

Picnic tables and the iconic Parks Canada red chairs are available in the area. Washroom facilities are located a few metres away in the Nels Nelsen parking lot. The bike park is a 5 minute drive from Revelstoke or a 10 minute walk up the Mount Revelstoke Trail that starts in beside the Revelstoke Railway Museum.

Lower Mount Revelstoke trails

The base of Mount Revelstoke offers 10 km of intermediate mountain bike trails through the world’s only inland temperate rainforest. Short climbs and descents offer a chance to explore the area. The main trail takes you right back to Revelstoke’s downtown cafes.

Explore the mountain biking trails: