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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

Explora Guided Tour App

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It’s now easier than ever to explore the sights and sounds of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve—just download the Explora App using your Android or iOS device!

Select a self-guided route in the App and experience what the park has to offer through a series of interactive maps, photos and quizzes.

Curiosity getting the better of you? Learn more about the Secrets of the Sand Dunes route currently available. Other routes are coming soon!

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Did you know? Explora Apps are also available for other Parks Canada places.

Explora App - Secrets of the Sand Dunes Route

If a grain of sand and a blade of grass go to war, who wins?

In the Wickaninnish sand dunes, forces of nature clash in an epic struggle for territory.

Want to see it happen? Then download this self-guided tour that unveils a strange and dynamic landscape.

Our forests and beaches are well-known, but our dunes remain a bit of a secret haven. It’s a place we’d like to present for your discovering pleasure.

The tour begins with a relaxed walk from the Kwisitis Visitor Centre deck. It’s mostly a flat stroll along the beach with sandy slopes near the end. The round-trip trek to the sand dunes is about 3.2 km which will take approximately two hours, or a little more if you wish to go slow.

If you can’t wait to see the dunes, use the App to go on a virtual tour or learn more about this rare ecosystem by following these links or watch the video: