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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada

Is the West Coast Trail for you?

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Is West Coast Trail For You?

This rugged 75 km hike along the West Coast Trail (WCT) is challenging and may not be for everyone. To get the most out of your hike, your fitness, knowledge and skills must match the demands of the trail.

Be Prepared

All hikers must be prepared for 5-7 days travel in the backcountry for the following:

  • uneven terrain
  • slippery conditions on muddy trails, wooden surfaces, boulders and rocky shorelines
  • wading through rivers, negotiating steep slopes, climbing ladders, and using cable cars
  • unexpectedly damaged structures
  • a temperate rainforest climate
  • accidents and injuries

NOTE: Should an accident occur, it may take over 24 hours before help arrives.

The WCT is for hikers who are:

  • able to walk long distances through rough terrain with a heavy pack
  • experienced in multi-day backpacking trips
  • prepared to have an isolated wilderness experience
  • have lots of stamina
  • free of recurring knee, back or ankle injuries
  • over twelve years old