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Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

The Long Beach Challenge: Your adventure just got better

What is the Long Beach Challenge?

Challenge yourself to a scenic walk, jog or run along 9.5km of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve’s longest beach. Long Beach Challenge (LBC) participants will cover the natural splendour of the park reserve's wild coastline between Long Beach and Kwisitis Visitor Centre.


two women running on Long Beach 

The ABCs of the LBC:

A-cquire a Challenge Time Card

Purchase a Challenge Time Card at either the Pacific Rim Visitor Centre or the Kwisitis Visitor Centre and you’re ready to roll. Loop it through your shoelace or keep it in your pocket – it's up to you. The system will detect your card as you pass the start and finish lines then record and publish your time online through the interactive display at the Kwisitis Visitor Centre.

B-e aware and be prepared

Tides and weather can dramatically affect the Challenge, so come prepared for rain or shine and pay attention to your surroundings. The Challenge is best at low tide when the beaches are wide and the creek is low. The creek becomes deeper and swifter during heavy rain and high tide. Consult a tide table and plan to ford the creek at a tide below 2.5 metres (7ft). And of course, make sure you have enough water, snacks and clothing to keep you comfortable for the 9.5km trek.

C-reate memories

An adventure is always more fun when in good company. Challenge your friends and family and enjoy a day of pure adventure together! Don’t forget to take a selfie and share it on our Facebook or Twitter channels with the hashtag #LongBeachChallenge.

Participants can choose where to begin their challenge: the Long Beach parking area between trail 1 and 2 or the Kwisitis Visitor Centre. A course map and way-finding signs are available to help you along the route, and are a great source of interesting information about the natural and cultural heritage of the area.

So with sand dunes, creek crossings and rainforest beaches to explore, what are you waiting for?